Deviant Designs *I’m just not a PG person,

My Love for the BDSM Community I was so glad That Lord Drakeo and Lady Eleseren Grey Of Romance Couture asked me to seek out  The Head CEO Of Deviant Designs. I figured I send my card off like all the other HUGE names in the virtual world  and never get a reply. To my Surprise Rosie Lavochkin “Embraced” me like she does all her customers with time patients care attention to detail.

One look at the wonderful avi’s detail  it proved she molded that from her work. With a slight redness to my cheeks loosened up my collar and said “yes you do draw nice bewbies!”

Rosie Lavochkin:My inworldz avatar is currently just over two years old, and for most of that time has looked exactly the same.
I’m a human/feline hybrid (don’t call me a neko – I am NOT neko!).  I rarely, if ever, wear clothes – but wouldn’t be
seen dead without my prim feet or fingernails.  The Second Life version of Rosie Lavochkin is essentially the same
avatar but completely human and wears a lot more clothes.


Adam01time: How long have you been designing in virtual worldz?

Rosie Lavochkin: I opened my first shop in second life around 4 years ago and then opened Deviant Designs in Inworldz in february 2010.

Adam01time: do you design in real life?

Rosie Lavochkin:  I did for many years, having trained at one of London’s premier fashion schools.

Adam01time:  if yes what is the hardest thing to get used to in virtual graphics. ?

Rosie Lavochkin:  I’d say nothing is hard per se.  There are some minor annoyances such as the low polygon areas of the current SL and IW avatar, but there are also some
issues that are slowly being fixed, such as working with the rigidity of traditional sculpted prims… now being replaced by the far more motion sympathetic mesh.

Adam01time: if you  could  make the world easier to design in  what would you do. or change?

Rosie Lavochkin: In Inworldz I’d like to see more resources for designers – that said, in the absence of those resources it has been (and remains) a fascinating
learning curve as we all strive to learn new skills to enable us to make the things we’ve always taken for granted as freely available in Second Life.
For example, prior to coming to Inworldz I’d always bought scripts I needed – those scripts simply weren’t here when I first joined IW, so I had to
learn to script things myself.  I’d also like to see a revamp of the standard avatar to increase polygons in those traditional areas such as around the
nose and upper leg – however that would most likely break much existing content, so probably wouldn’t be a terribly good idea.

Adam01time: Do you have a favorite type of model?

Rosie Lavochkin: In all honesty I never use, and never have used models.  I design everything around my own avatar, and even use myself for product photography.
I find it far far easier and quicker to hop on a pose stand myself and then spend a while tweaking prims and lighting, than having to deal with other
people teaching them to edit things to fit and boring them silly whilst I fiddle with windlight settings and camera angles.
I don’t involve myself in fashion shows or the “fashion industry” – I design exclusively with my customers in mind, not really considering what the
“professionals” think about my designs (unless, of course, they are also customers – and then as with all my customers; their thoughts are paramount).

Adam01time: if yes what make there style so good.?

Rosie Lavochkin: To me a good model would be one that didn’t look like a model.  One that looked like a normal everyday avatar and was realistically proportionned.
When I was involved in the RL Fashion industry I always abhorred the extremely thin and tall models, as truly very few of us actually look like that in
real life…. the same goes for virtual worlds, I dislike intensely the trend for 8 foot tall women whose proportions seem to owe little if anything to
human beings.

Adam01time: if no what do you seek in a model.?

Rosie Lavochkin:  If I had to use a model for some reason, they’d need to have a lot of experience with editing prims to best fit their avatar, be able to take instruction,
be ultra reliable and not mind at all standing motionless for hours whilst I messed around with lighting and poses.
Adam01time: What is your favorite graphics tools ?

Rosie Lavochkin:   The two I use most are zBrush and photoshop.
Adam01time:  does chocolate make it easier to design?

Rosie Lavochkin: Chocolate makes everything better (except the size of my butt).

Adam01time: As a artiest what do you  do to keep motivated.

Rosie Lavochkin:  Truly I dont.  This is a weakness of mine – when the creative urge hits I will work non stop for hours, days and weeks.  But then when it
doesn’t I’ll be the laziest designer on virtual worlds and go out partying with friends instead.

Adam01time: How do you handle rejection of  some designs.?

Rosie Lavochkin: The biggest rejection of designs comes from myself – my inventories on both grids are full to bursting with designs I’ve started (sometimes worked on for days)
and then not been happy with the results so haven’t finished them.  Usually I have a fairly good idea that if I am happy with the finished product, then my
customers will probably like it too.

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